Why Cheetah Turbo Lubricant?

High-speed handpieces run at over 400,000 rpm and are subjected to the high temperatures of autoclaving to meet sterilization procedures. Most handpiece lubricants cannot withstand these autoclaving procedures. Consequently, your handpieces are virtually unprotected and wear and tear on them will cause breakdowns and expensive repair.

Turbo Lube is a proven synthetic lubricate that is guaranteed to extend your handpiece's life. You have less friction which provides a better working temperature and increased power. In addition, Turbo Lube has a corrosion inhibitor that reduces deposits and protects against wear. It virtually cleans and lubricates at the same time.

The needle dispenser assures accurate application for high-speeds, slow-speeds, nosecones, contra angles and head attachments.

This exceptional lubricate is a perfect tool to increase your profit margin. We are so sure of it, we offer your money back if you are not completely satisfied. Turbo Lube will not harm metals, rubber or plastic components in your handpiece-rather it will extend its life.

Turbo Lube has been tested by many in the dental industry throughout the U.S. As a result, we get many re-orders and new friends once they have tried it.

"We started using Turbo Lube last summer. Just as promised, our turbines and bearings are lasting much, much longer. It has saved our office a great deal of money on handpiece repairs."
-Karen Worhol, Sugar Land, TX
"Since we have been using Turbo Lube prior to our autoclave procedure, it has reduced out repair costs by 75%. Our doctor loves that!"
-Sunnyside Dental