Cheetah Oil started several years ago with a mission in mind- market the finest lubricant available for high-speed bearings and moving elements. We have done just that! Through research, technology and development we produce a superlative lubricate for specialized industries utilizing high speed bearings. Not only do we market a high-speed lubricant for the dental industry, but also a special formulation for skateboards and fishing reels.

Bearings must be lubricated to prevent metal-to-metal contact between the rolling elements, raceways and retainers. Our special corrosion inhibitor protects the bearings against corrosion and wear, helps dissipate heat, helps seal out solid and liquid contamination, and reduces bearing noise. We understand that properly lubricated bearings have the best chance of reaching its maximum service life.

The results in the dental industry are truly amazing. Most offices have seen 50% - 75% reduction in handpiece repairs. Skateboarders are getting "the competitive edge" with increased speed and more bearing life. While in the fishing industry, the sportsman are getting much longer casts and less bearing wear.

Cheetah Oil understands the challenges and solutions of rotating equipment. We are dedicated to producing the finest solution lubricants for many industries.

The customizations of our lubricants offer superior performance in each field of application. Corrosion, contamination and friction are the primary focal points in each of our industry applications.

Each of our products is tested by industry users throughout the U.S. for many months or years before we proclaim the protective properties.

We continue to develop new and innovative industry applications for rotating parts.

Our corporate office is located in Houston, Texas. We are very proud of each of our products, which are manufactured, printed and packaged in the U.S.A.